Symposium 2019

Oman ,Muscat 1 - 2 May 2019







About Event


Oman NSDI Symposium 2019 is the first Symposium being organized by National Centre for Statistics & Information under patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Saif bin Mohammed Al Shabibi, Minister of Housing. The Symposium will present a unique opportunity for Oman NSDI stakeholders (Government, Semi Government entities, Private Businesses, and academia) to learn about the latest technology trends and how GIS can support them in their businesses.

The Symposium will focus on "Role of GeoSpatial Information for Smart Governance" and "Oman NSDI' readiness to Geo-Enable the Digital Transformation of Sultanate of Oman". The event will witness the launch of Government Licensing Agreement (GLA) made between Government of Oman and Esri Global Inc.

Second day of event will be dedicated to GeoSpatial Technology advancements wherein the Global experts of GeoSpatial technology from Esri will share the latest GeoSpatial Technology updates and how it can help various Government sectors especially Land Administration, Development of Smart Cities with Artificial Intelligence, Smart Transportation Planning, and Smart Utilities etc. The Symposium will also host a special session for academia sector "GIS for Education" focusing on GIS education.

The Schedule

Timing and agenda of event

  • 08:15-09:00

    General registration | Arrival tea and coffee

  • 09:00-09:05

    Quran Recitation

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    Welcome Note

    by His Excellency CEO of NCSI.

    - By His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Barwani

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    Oman NSDI - Geo-Enabling Way Forward for Smart Governance

    GeoSpatial Information is a vital for development of Smart Nation, Eng. Hassan Alghazali, Director General of Oman NSDI will discuss Oman NSDI' readiness to Geo-Enable Oman Digital Transformation vision.

    Director General of National Spatial Data Infrastructure

    - By Eng. Hassan Al Ghazali

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    GIS- inspiring what's Next

    Discover how GIS is inspiring what's next, Hear Esri's Corporate Director Mr. Dean Angelides how GIS continues to evolve and transform organizations around the world.

    - By Dean Angelides

  • 09:50-10:30

    Coffee Break
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    Oman NSDI : Data to Services

    Oman NSDI has been progressing steadily towards its vision of "Enablement of GeoSmart governance by developing innovative GeoSmart Services". Eng. Saud Al-Nofli will talk about the current Oman NSDI services and how stakeholders can benefits from them.

    - By Saud Al Nofli

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    Unified Addressing System

    A driver for Geo-Enabled Digital Transformation

    - By Eng. Amal Al Sabti

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    Glance at New GeoSpatial Technology

    This session will provide a glance on futuristic GeoSpatial technology trends.

    - By Dean Angelides, Yehia Hassan

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    Government Licensing Agreement Management (GLA)

    The Symposium will witness the launch of Government Licensing Agreement (GLA) signed by Government of Oman and Esri Global Inc. Majid AlBusaidi, Director of Technology & technical services, NSDI will present the benefits of GLA and demonstrate the GLA Management System.

    • Overview of ESRI Government Licensing (GLA) Benefits
    • NCSI's System

    - By Majid Al Busaidi

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    GLA Management (How to avail services under GLA)

    This session will focus on the benefits of Esri Education Licensing program, part of the GLA benefit and how to utilize Esri Systems to download licenses & avail technical support.

    • Esri License Management (My Esri)
    • Education Licensing
    • Technical Support

    - By Esri, Ayman Mahmoud

  • 8:15-9:00

    General registration | Arrival tea and coffee

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    ESRI Latest Technology Overview

    Esri Technology team will present the latest GeoSpatial technology trends.

    - By Esri (Dean, Yehia , Hamid, Zeina, Adel)

  • 10:30-10:45

    Felicitation Ceremony

  • 10:45-11:15

    Coffee Break
  • 11:15-13:15

    GeoSmart Management

    By Esri

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    National Geospatial Infrastructure

    This session will look at the latest trends in deploying and benefiting from GIS at the national level. We will cover the different models and best practices, the six key pillars and their interdependencies as well as how organizations can plan to implement these. We will also have a look at how ArcGIS can support National GIS deployments at every level in a manageable and secure manner. Finally, we will conclude with a number of global best practice examples of National GIS, critique these and look at the benefits for different personas in Oman.

    - By John Day

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    Smart Cities & GeoAI (GeoSpatial Artificial Intelligence)

    Managing and Visualizing Geospatial Data in a User-friendly Environment. Based on Spatial data, the concept of smart city is developing very quickly around the world. It provides a comprehensive digital environment that improves the efficiency and security of urban systems and reinforces the involvement of citizens in urban development.

    - By Adel Bolbol Fernandez

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    Land Administration

    Will outline the content of Land Administration and demonstrate how a WebGIS provides the platform/solution for a Land Administration system with focus on land tenure, valuation, land use, land development and land market. Will describe the Esri method for planning and implementing a land administration system focusing on technology, organization, standards & guidelines etc. Will provide global examples from national to local implementations of Land Administration Systems

    - By Carsten Bjornsson

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    ArcGIS supports key decision making activities for road, rail, aviation, maritime and public transit agencies across the world. This season will demonstrate examples of how GIS is adding value to organizations working in each of these transport modes, together with an overview of the solutions Esri offers that can be deployed immediately.

    - By Adel Bolbol Fernandez

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    Telecom Utilities

    This session will address the latest Utilities and Telecom industry trends, how these organizations leverage GIS as a technology enabler to support their business missions and on-going business transformation. Best practices as well as customer examples will be provided.

    - By Chrystelle Ourzik

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    GIS for Education (Academia) Sector

    A Geographic Information System (GIS) can be used effectively throughout several levels of formal and informal education. Robert Tinker, an educational researcher focused on using technology to teach math and science, advocated using GIS software to link students to global effects and concerns.

    - By Dean Angelides

The Venue

The Ballroom, Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre,Google Location Code (H89F+7M Muscat)

+968 24 233800